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We often wonder why many seemingly possible solutions were often not implemented. Many organization appears to be waiting for the “elixir” for their woes. In this complex scheme of things of the modern world, this “elixir” may never arrive.

Granted. One should not be implementing ad hoc solutions without some guiding principle or guiding framework. But at the expense of improved productivity, lower cost, lost reputation and customers?

Hence, the beginning of a potentially life-long journey to better enterprises business model started. We are convinced through deliberate planning and specific attention to interfaces and change management,

organization could and should adopt short

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and mid-term solutions while awaiting for the long-terms solution to mature.

Our combined pool of project management experience and technical skills with the government and MNC provided many insights into what ought and ought not to be done in project management.

The relationship with the customer is a very complex one. On one hand they are your purse string, on the other hand they could be your worst nightmare. At least we are pretty clear on one aspect, Customer First, Always. We look forward to be of service to you.